Spring Tide

cover-3d“She’s here. I feel her.”

“Who’s here?”

“The one who’s mine.”

To the dismay of her family, Kris Edwards postpones college, despite a full-ride scholarship, and moves to the beach. She has a crazy feeling there’s something she has to find to figure out her life, and it’s at the coast.

She’s pretty sure that something isn’t Jericho, the too-hot surfer with amazing blue eyes. He’s way out of her league. And is that an actual electric spark that happens every time she touches him? She doesn’t have time for him––not with two jobs, a boozer neighbor, and her best friend’s stalker on the scene. Not to mention the weird black mist over the water or outside her workplace that no one seems to notice but her.

But there’s more to Jericho than Kris realizes, and she can’t blow him off so easily. He’s in tune with the magic of the tides, and only he knows of the evil that’s washed ashore and is coming for her. The closer Kris gets to him the more danger she’s in. But he can’t let her be––he’s been waiting years for her.

With Jericho by her side, Kris might find what she’s looking for. Or she might lose everything.

Praise for Spring Tide:

“I read Spring Tide in one sitting, the novel had me that enthralled. K. Dicke does an amazing job of keeping readers on their toes.” ncreads, Online Book Club

“This book was like a surprising puzzle to me.  Once I thought I figured it out, I realized I had more pieces to put together.  If you’re looking for an engaging, attention holding, love/romance book, then this is it. ” Jay Williams

“I really, really enjoyed the first installment in K. Dicke’s Tide Series and will definitely be reading the next installment…The thing I loved most about the book? Its attention to detail.  K. Dicke really put in her research.” Treasure Cover Book Reviews

“I gorged on this book…Once I picked this up I couldn’t put it down…It was sweet, provocatively steamy, and absolutely swoony.” Benish Khan

“Ok wow!  I loved this book! … It was exceptionally well written, the characters were well-rounded and believable … As you wait for summer to come, pick this one and escape to the beach!  Definitely worth reading!” Lexie Sterling

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Ebook available for Kindle



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