“I rose from the chair to go inside and saw remnants of a cherry turnover sitting on the table, collecting flies. Someone walking down the beach had probably put it down earlier, was too lazy to travel the extra thirty yards to the trash can.”

Spring Tide

A note from K. Dicke:

Nine times out of ten, my vacation destination is a beach. I love everything about it: the feel of sand between my toes, the smell of sea air, the sight of waves crashing hard or softly lapping. And I swear, everything tastes better when there’s a shoreline in sight.

I’m proud to be a member of Surfrider, an organization dedicated to the health of our nation’s beaches and making sure that everyone has access to them.

With Surfrider, it’s not all about giving money (although they do appreciate that very much), but about doing what you can in your own way to make a difference whether you live near a coast or not– like using less plastics and recycling the plastics you do use. Or, the next time you’re at the beach, pick up one piece of trash. I do, every single time.

So if you love the ocean the way I do, check it out.


Click here to read more about what Surfrider is doing in Corpus Christi, where Kris and Jericho meet in Spring Tide, to Skip the Plastic and cut back on bags littering the water.

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