Tidal Wave


Dark days. Long nights. Dead eyes.

Ever since Kris’s battle with Devon, a victory that should have brought her and the Chosen peace, she’s been on the run.

Kris has left the beach, and all the painful memories associated with it behind.  She’s traded in cut-offs for leather and given up her surfboard for lead guitar in a speed metal band.  She’s hell-bent on revenge against those who wronged her and left her powerless.  But she’s running out of time, her body and mind deteriorating with each passing day.

She may be the only one who can end dark tyranny.  Can she do it while she still has the strength to overcome her enemies, or will she only uncover secrets that wash her away in a tidal wave of misery?


Praise for Tidal Wave:

“Dicke did an amazing job bringing the vivid world to life…I felt every emotion in this book.  From joy to utter heartbreak, it hits you like a brick wall which is exactly what a good novel should do.”–ncreads

“This was definitely a very interesting and unique book.  It takes a new approach to good vs evil. The plot is captivating and has some very well-placed and well-developed twists that you don’t see coming.” –Ramona Plant

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Ebook available for Kindle





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